Code of Conduct

TerraWise is a proud signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct promotes best practice carbon market integrity, transparency and accountability for Australian consumers.

Some examples of our obligations to clients are provided below.

  • Signatories must provide their clients with sufficient and accurate information in a way that allows the clients to make informed decisions about the project. This includes information about: the legal, regulatory or other obligations that the client may have if they enter into an agreement with the Signatory
  • The relevant project method requirements;
  • The administrative and compliance requirements of the project, such as record keeping, audits, and eligibility criteria;
  • The options for selling carbon credits;
  • The project timeline including the client’s obligations relating to the land during the project’s permanence period (for landbased projects);
  • The client’s obligations if there is a natural disturbance to the land;
  • The risks and potential consequences of the project; and
  • The implications if the land where the project is being undertaken is sold.

Signatories are also required to:

  • Disclose to clients any interests or benefits that they may have in the project or sale of credits;
  • Seek to ensure genuine and early engagement with Native Title Holders, and if possible registered Native Title Claimants;
  • Provide clients with a written project management plan, and ensure that you understand the plan;
  • Provide clients with a copy of this fact sheet and of the Signatory’s own complaints handling procedure document(s); and
  • Ensure regular contact with landholders, provide regular advice to the client and ensure that any issues that arise can be addressed in a timely and efficient way.

This is not an exhaustive list of the obligations of Signatories under the Code of Conduct.

As a signatory to the Code TerraWise is committed to developing and conducting its business in line with industry best practice and working with its clients and other stakeholders in a professional and ethical manner.

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