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TerraWise is a specialist carbon farming advisory and project development company, co-founded by Planfarm and a private investor.

TerraWise’s domestic activities are focused on the broadacre agricultural sector, predominantly in Western Australia, where TerraWise works with growers/landowners to explore their enterprise’s emissions profile and opportunities for carbon farming. We connect growers/landowners with project partners, and working with growers/landowners design, implement and manage the ongoing requirements of their projects.

Other land use measures, for example HIR, will be considered where appropriate.


We focus on reforestation and soil carbon projects, all of which are designed to be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable – our goal is to help build resilience in farming businesses, regional communities and our environment.


We do this first and foremost by working closely with farmers to establish a detailed knowledge of their land and in particular past and current activities on that land. We refer to this as the data collection phase of our work.

This enables us to explore the opportunities for carbon farming.


The next step is working again closely with the farmer we design what is called the carbon project. When designing a carbon project, we are very cognizant that the project design is practical and achievable in the context of the growers/landowners business.

Our Services

What We Do

Carbon, Climate, Community & Biodiversity Solutions

Carbon farming is not our only focus in what we do as we firmly believe that we have equal and complementary obligations to our stakeholders and society more broadly. TerraWise is committed to the restoration of (non-arable) land to as best as possible its natural state.

Improved Farming Practices

TerraWise is committed to the development of and use of best practice farming practices that may also result in improved soil carbon in land and the abatement of Green House Gas emissions.

Software & Other Solutions

At TerraWise we have developed proprietary processes which are enabled by our software to collect data and assess that data to determine the carbon farming potential of a given farm, and also to design a fit for purpose carbon farming project on that farm.

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